Vacation Care

Bookings are now open for October Vacation Care!

Please complete and return this form - LAC_October_Vac_Care_Booking_Form_2018.pdf

Lindfield Activity Centre offers a Vacation Care service during school holidays and staff development days.

Each day combines a mixture of structured rotation activities as well as opportunities for free play. 

The Centre will provide a variety of health breakfast options 7:15-8:45am every morning. We will also provide chidren with an afternoon healthy snack with fruit at around 3.30pm, as well as a late snack at 5:00pm. 


During a regular day children will participate in an incursion workshop that runs for up to two hours. They will also participate in programed activities around a particular theme for that day. 


On excursion days we ask all children to arrive by 9:00am, so that we can complete roll call and meeting to discuss excursion safety before we depart on the bus at 9:30am. Excursion days will vary in duration, and vacation care booking forms will always indicate the estimated return time. 

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri:  7:15am – 6:00pm

What to Bring

Children need to bring:

  • Recess and Lunch (breakfast and afternoon snack provided)
  • Water bottle 
  • A Hat
  • Shoes suitable for walking
  • Appropriate sun safe clothing - t-shirts no singlets please
  • LAC Excursion Shirt (for excursion days only)


July Vacation Care

We will be running full day vacation care during the July school holidays between the 9th-20th July and on the Staff Development Day on the 23rd July. 

July Vac Care Booking Form 2018

How to Book 

If your child/ren are already enrolled at LAC you will need to complete and submit the Vacation Care Booking Form.

If your child/ren are new to LAC you will need to complete and submit the centre Enrolment Form and the Vacation Care Booking Form.

Forms can be collected from the centre, emailed upon request or downloaded from this website.

Your Investment

Incursion Day: $70.00 

Excursion Day: $90.00 - $100.00 

CCSS repayments will be re-embursed in your fees for the next term. 


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