Free Play

Lindfield Activity operates on the foundational principle of free play. We believe that children should be able to decide which activities they want to engage in when attending either before or after school care. 

Our program also provides the opportunity for structured intentional teaching, focused around a weekly theme that relates to questions on the blackboard, craft, cooking and group activities. This theme aims to meet a learning outcome or principle in My Time, Our Place Framework

The voices and interests of children are important to us and are taken into account when planning our future programs. This is done through conversations, observations of interests and discussions on the blackboard. Families are also asked to contribute to the program through conducting or participating in activities, surveys, conversations, feedback forms and committee meetings.

LAC also acknowledges the need for children to have access to quiet time, so we have a couch with a bookcase next to it for children to read and relax. 

Term 1 Program

At the end of Term 4 2017 we conducted a cultural survey at our centre to find out how multicultural our centre is. We decided that it was important to learn more about the countries that children are from, so that we can learn about what they like to eat, different languages people speak as well as different cultural celebrations. This is reflected in our Term 1 program. 

Term 1 Themes
Week 1 Phillipines
Week 2 Spain 
Week 3 Indigeous Peoples
Week 4 China
Week 5 India
Week 6 Germany
Week 7 Ireland & the UK
Week 8 Korea
Week 9 South Korea & the Olympics
Week 10 Isreal
Week 11 Thai & Eacter