Our Environments

Indoor Environment

Our indoor environment is structured to allow free play and easy access to materials and resources which enables social and creative experiences. We provide easy and open access for children to read books, games, lego, wooden construction and dress ups etc.

Kindy Room 

The kindy room is a space dedicated to our Kindergarten students where they are able to play, learn and relax. Kindergarten students are given the choice as to whether they would like to use that space daily, or stay in the centre with other student. This space is especailly useful in Term 1 as a space for Kindergarten students to get to know one another and have fun.

Craft Room 

The craft room is a creative space that is provided to the children in our afternoon program. Everyday there is an organised craft activity that encourages the children to use their imagination and creativity in a relaxed environment. These artworks are commonly displayed in the centre and taken home at the end of the term to share with their friends and family.  

Outdoor Environment

Our outdoor environment is structured into three different Levels, which all provide different experiences and opportunities for children.

Level 1

Level 1 is a paved space with an undercover and open area that has 6 tables and chairs, as well as a basketball hoop. The open area is popular for ball games, handball and group activities such as skipping and throwing games. Our tables and chairs are popularly used for outdoor craft, drawing, homework and imaginative play.

There is always water and cups on one of the tables available for children to access. 

Level 2

Level 2 is an astro-turfed outdoor environment with garden beds framing the perimeter. Level 2 also has a tree on the far end with a colony of ladybugs that the children love to catch and investigate with bug viewers and magnifiers. 

Level 2 is also home to our environmental sustainability project that includes the native habitat, worm farm as well as a herb and vegetable garden.

Level 2 is popularly used for big group activities as well as imaginative play. Children also love to look for bugs and insects in the trees and bushes. 

Herb/ Vegetable Garden and Worm Farm

Our 'Garden Club' established this garden in 2014. It was established with  guidance and advice of Educators and volunteers at the Turramurra Lookout Community Garden. Children have also established a worm swag, which we use as fertiliser on our garden.

It serves as a kitchen garden to cook from, as well as a sensory garden for children to taste and smell.  

Native Garden

Our Native Garden was created in 2014 by our 'Garden Club'. It was created as a native stepping stone to support the local initiative by the Ku-Ring-Gai Council to create spaces in our urban environment for our native flora and fauna. We have a bird feeder, small animal house as well as native plants for birds to eat and animals to nest in. 

Level 3

Level 3 is an area open to all children and is popular due to the explorative play equipment. The play equipment provides an environment for risk taking, experimentation, imaginative play and physical activity. This equipment is always closely monitored by Educators to maintain a safe environment for children.

There are also two cricket nets located on Level 3 that are always used for cricket batting and bowling practice. Children also use the other areas of Level 3 for imaginative play and outdoor activities.


Palm is the oval located on the School grounds that we can use during the aftenoon program. Children have the opportunity to play group games, sport, exploartive and imaginative play.