Meet our Team


Elyse Johnson is the Director and Nominated Supervisor at Lindfield Activity Centre. Elyse has a long history with LAC, she was a student here from Kindergarten to Year 6 and worked as an Educator whilst at University. Elyse has worked at the centre since 2010, and was the Educational Leader at the Centre up until 2014 when she left to go and live in Canada. Elyse happily resumed working at the centre in 2016.

Elyse's philosophy to after school care is to place the Educator team as co-learners with children, who support their curiosities and interests by creating a stimulating and engaging program where children can develop their skills, knowledge & interests. 

Educational Leader/ Assistant Coordinator 

Hannah Cutting is the Educational Leader & Assistant Director at Lindfield Activity Centre. Hannah has been working at the centre since 2010. Hannah is has recently competed her study at Macquarie University doing a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) which qualifies her to teach in schools and prior-to-school settings. 

At LAC Hannah likes cooking, doing craft and playing sport with the children. 


The educators at Lindfield Activity Centre work hard to create a safe and caring child-friendly environment for all the children who visit us each day. All educators have undergone a Working with Children Check before commencing work at the Centre, there is always a Certified Supervisor on duty, and children's health needs are addressed by ensuring there are always Educators on duty with training in Asthma & Anaphylaxis emergency response, Apply First Aid & child protection training. 

Educators at our centre recognise that after school care is a unique environment for children to engage in play, that fosters their strengths, interest and intelligence. Educators value the collaboration of children in our program, and engage in both spontaneous and intentional teaching as a reaction to the observed interests of children at our service. 

The educators at our Service include:


My name is Simran (Simi), my degree in Commerce coupled with 5 years experience in Marketing background gives me an effective grasp in my communication skills & to stay publicly connected. I have always stayed focused and connected with Yoga & dance, being a mother further enriched the adorable side of life.

While at L.A.C I specifically enjoy energizing the children’s creativity, ingenuity and I love the energy of the work environment.


Hola, I'm Anthony, I'm currently studying Primary Education at Macquarie University.

My favourite things to do at LAC are playing sport on Level 3 and construction inside. 


Hi my name is Kate. I'm currently in my third year studying Social Work at Sydney University. I was previously a student at Lindfield Public School. 

At LAC I like skipping with the children and creating craft that htey can take home. 


Hi i'm Lyle, I'm studying Psychology and Human Sciences at Macquarie University. I'm a former Lindfield Public School student.

At LAC I love playing sports and hanging out with the children. I'm thinking of becoming a Primary school teacher. 


Hi there! My name is Georgina, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Birth – 12) at Macquarie University. My favourite activities at LAC are cooking, arts & craft and just overall helping the kids have a really fun day exploring, playing games or attending after school.



I am a former Lindfield Student who is studying Early Childhood Education at Crow’s Nest TAFE. I enjoy playing guitar and singing Queen badly with my friends.

My favourite activities at LAC are building things with the blocks or going on Level 3.


Hi, my name is Leon and I am a Senior Educator at LAC. I am a former Lindfield student who is studying a Bachelor of Commerce with Arts – Psychology at Macquarie University. I enjoy listening to music and watching TV shows, in particular Suits.

My favourite activity to do at LAC is gardening and drawing with the kids. 



I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW. I enjoy photography and modern/contemporary dance.

My favourite activities at LAC is dancing, as well as constructing tall towers with blocks and playing a range of ball games.



I am a Senior Educator at LAC. I have been working here since 2012 and was a former student at LPS. I am studying a Bachelor of Cultural Studies with minors in Education. At LAC I like dancing, cooking, and gardening.



Hi, I am a former LPS student and I have been working at LAC since May 2016. At LAC I like to play basketball and games on Level 1. At university I am studying Bidiversity & Conservation, and I would like to eventually work in a zoo. 



Hi i'm Ellie, and i've working at LAC since November 2016. Both of my sisters go to LPS and I used to volunteer at the centre whilst I was in high school. At university I am studying Marketing & Media at Macquarie University. At LAC I like playing sport, cooking & craft.  



My name is Claire, and am a former Lindfield Public student. I am currently studying Commerce majoring in Accounting at Macquarie University. At LAC, I love running craft activities and playing around on level 2 and 3. I also love playing sport such as soccer and always happy to join in various games. 


I am an Educator at LAC. I am a grandmother of two, and I have experience working in an early childhood setting as well as a history in work health and safety. At LAC I like interacting with the kids and the Educators. 



I am a previous Lindfield Student, who has just finished Year 12 at Knox, and is studying Bachelor of Law with a Bachelor of Science next year. 

I love playing sport including Cricket & Rugby, and playing music in my spare time, which I’m able to share with all the kids at LAC!


Hi i'm Tess, and I have been at LAC since October 2015. At LAC I like to dance, handball and playing games on Level 3. I have taught EVERY type of dance to kids, and love to dance in my spare time. I enjoy looking after the kids, and getting to know them.