Fees can be paid via Cash, Cheque or Visa/Mastercard/Debit Card.

  1. Permanent Fees

    Permanent fees are calculated and invoices for the term based on your bookings that have been accrued. All permanent bookings are charged regardless of attendance. 

  2. Casual Fees

    Term fees are usually invoices in Week 7 of each term. Families are charged for any causal attendances up until Week 7, any attendances accruad after that period are rolled into the next terms invoice. 

  3. Payment of Fees

    Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or card. Credit card payments may be made over the phone or in-centre. (We do not accept direct deposits)
    Fees must be paid when invoiced by the stated due date as set out on the invoice. Your child’s place at the centre may be terminated if fees aren’t paid by the due date, and additional costs may incur in recovery of outstanding fees. 

Fee First Child Every Other Child

Permanent Booking - Morning

$12.90 $11.61
Casual Booking - Morning $13.98 $12.58
Permanent Booking - Afternoon $23.65 $21.29
Casual Booking - Afternoon $24.73 $22.25

    4. Cancellation of permanent bookings

If you wish to discontinute to terminate your permanent child care place you are required to notify the Nominated Supervisor in writing before the first day of term, or you are liable to pay the equivelant booked sessions to the centre for the full term. 

    5. Non-notification fee

        An administration fee of $10 per day is charged for for families who fail to notify the centre of their child's absense before 2pm. 

    6. Late pick up fees

        A fee of $1 per minute is payable for each child collected after 6:00pm.

     7. Child Care Subsidy Scheme

       Lindfield Activity Centre is eligible to recieve Child Care Subsidy benefits. Please ensure that you have provided us with relevant CRN numbers on enrolment. Families will need to accept Enrolment Notices through their mygov account upon enrolment in order to recieve benefits.