Environmental Sustainability

At LAC we believe that environmental awareness and sustainability are important areas for children to develop a knowledge and passion for.

The children have developed a Native Garden in the garden Level 2. This is part of our pledge to the Habitat Stepping Stone program, which aims to create a better environment for the native animals of Ku-Ring-Gai. Is part of this we have planted native shrubs, plants and small trees as well as a nesting box and bird bath.

The children have also developed an extensive herb and vegetable garden with the help of volunteers from the Turramurra Lookout Community Garden. This teaches children about how to grow herbs and vegetables, caring for them as well as the process of harvesting.

We are taking steps to promote and maintain sustainability through:

  • Recycling paper towel rolls and cardboard
  • Limiting water use by having drinking water in jugs rather than through running water
  • Switching off lights when people aren’t in specific areas
  • Turning off power points when they aren’t in use
  • Composting organic waste
  • Establishing a worm farm
  • Growing our own herbs and vegetables
  • Craft activities that use recycled materials from the Centre
  • Creating a Garden Group that promotes recycling and sustainability to other children
  • Weeks and activities themed around promoting environmental awareness and sustainability in our Program
  • Sponsoring a Tree
  • Sponsoring an endangered zoo animal

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