Enrolment Procedure

If it is the first time your child will be attending the Centre you are required to fill out an 2018 Enrolment Form for each child. The form requires information about yourself and your child including contact and medical information. Enrolment forms must be completed prior to your child's first day of school. 

Permanent Bookings

If you plan on keeping a regular schedule of days throughout the term then it is recommended that you make permanent bookings for your child in order to secure them a place. All families will need to re-confirm their enrolment for each school year. 

If you wish to cancel a permanent booking then you need to inform the Nominated Supervisor in writing before the first day of the term. Failure to do so will result in full payment of fees for that Term. 

Casual Bookings

If you don’t plan on keeping a regular schedule of days then you may book your child in on a casual basis (limited number of casual places are normally available, subject to permanent bookings). This may be done in person, by phone or by email. If you require care for your child and it is after 2pm on the daym you must first contact the school office and let them know before contacting the Centre.

Notifying the Centre of an Absense

If your child will be absent you need to contact the Centre as soon as possible. You may leave a message on the phone or send an email. All  children must be accounted for by 3:30pm, so it is important that you contact us prior to 2.30pm if your child will not be attending during the days they are booked in.

Please note that if you fail to contact the centre by 2:30pm that your child will not be attending the centre you will be charged a non-notification fee of $10. This only applies to afternoon bookings.

Late Pick Up

If you expect to be late when picking up your child in the afternoon please phone the Centre to inform us as soon as possible.

If you pick up your child after 6pm you will be charged an additional $1 for every minute past the hour. If by 6:15pm the parent or guardian aren't able to be contacted and the child / children have not been collected Chatswood Police Station will be contacted.