Term 2 Newsletter

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July Vacation Care

We will be running full day vacation care during the July school holidays between the 9th-20th July and on the Staff Development Day on the 23rd July. 

Operating times: 7:15am - 6:00pm


Incursion days: $70
Excursion days: $90-$100 (pricing varies based on the cost of the destination)

July Vacation Care Booking Form 2018

2018 Annual General Meeting

The Parent Committee will be meeting on Wednesday 27th June at 7pm in the Centre to discuss business for Term 2. All parents who use our service are welcome and are encouraged to attend. We would love to see lots of new faces at the AGM. Attendance does not mean that you have to be an active participant in the Committee. 

The new Child Care Subsidy Package comes into effect on the 2nd July 2018

Reminder: all families need to log on to mygov and complete the form by the 2nd July 2018. If you do not complete the online form you will stop recieving CCSS from Centrelink. 

The Australian Government will be changing the way that child care subsidy and child care rebate is allocated as of the 2nd July 2018. These changes will effect the level of subsidy recieved by families who use our service.

Please follow this link to familiarise yourself with the changes, and to use the rebate estimator:

Download this PDF for support information: Child Care Package Support Brochure

Welcome to Lindfield Activity Centre

Lindfield Activity Centre is a community based, not-for-profit outside of school hours care centre. We offer before and after school care for up to 155 children from Kindergarten to Year 6 at Lindfield Public School.

The Centre is managed by a volunteer Parent Committee and operated by a dedicated group of staff. 



Children start their day with the choice of a variety of healthy breakfast options in a relaxed environment. 

At before school care children are given a wide range of choice and autonomy to engage in fun inside and outside activities with the other children at the Centre. Children have access to a wide variety of resources and materials that they can use in our indoor and outdoor environments. 



When children arrive at the Centre they are given a healthy afternoon tea after meeting and roll call.

Children have the opportunity to participate in a vareity of planned activities, or to can use a wide variety of resources in free play. The after school care program is structured around a weekly theme that will inform cooking, craft and group activities. You can view our weekly theme on the display board, as well as programmed activities on the blackboards outside. 

At 5:00pm we pack-up and children have the opportunity to have a second afternoon snack. From 5:00pm onwards children can play inside or outside untul 5:45pm when we begin pack-up. 



The centre is open for vacation care during the school holidays and staff development days. We provide a variety of incursion and excursion days during this period. 

Children start their day with the choice of a variety of healthy breakfast options in a relaxed environment.

Vacation care is a lot more programmed than after school care, with the majority of the day spent in programmed activities wihile also allowing time for free play.

Children are given a 3:30pm snack as well as a 5:00pm late snack during vacation care.