Term 3 2018 Newsletter

Child Care Subsidy Package is now in effect 

We have created a factsheet for families to read: Child Care Subsidy Factsheet

Welcome to Lindfield Activity Centre

Lindfield Activity Centre is a community based, not-for-profit outside of school hours care centre. We offer before and after school care for up to 155 children from Kindergarten to Year 6 at Lindfield Public School.

The Centre is managed by a volunteer Parent Committee and operated by a dedicated group of staff. 



Children start their day with the choice of a variety of healthy breakfast options in a relaxed environment. 

At before school care children are given a wide range of choice and autonomy to engage in fun inside and outside activities with the other children at the Centre. Children have access to a wide variety of resources and materials that they can use in our indoor and outdoor environments. 



When children arrive at the Centre they are given a healthy afternoon tea after meeting and roll call.

Children have the opportunity to participate in a vareity of planned activities, or to can use a wide variety of resources in free play. The after school care program is structured around a weekly theme that will inform cooking, craft and group activities. You can view our weekly theme on the display board, as well as programmed activities on the blackboards outside. 

At 5:00pm we pack-up and children have the opportunity to have a second afternoon snack. From 5:00pm onwards children can play inside or outside untul 5:45pm when we begin pack-up. 



The centre is open for vacation care during the school holidays and staff development days. We provide a variety of incursion and excursion days during this period. 

Children start their day with the choice of a variety of healthy breakfast options in a relaxed environment.

Vacation care is a lot more programmed than after school care, with the majority of the day spent in programmed activities wihile also allowing time for free play.

Children are given a 3:30pm snack as well as a 5:00pm late snack during vacation care.